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VideoVerses is a competition for Christian High Schoolers that aims at supporting them in their endeavors to make videos. We do this by providing resources for the top three video creators. This may include Software, Hardware, and opportunities in upcoming Digital SABA Events.

Judge Categories and Requirements

  • Only high school students, who are currently attending church,  would be eligible to participate in the event.

  • Video must be based on a Bible passage

  • Video must be shorter than five minutes

  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube as either unlisted or public 

  • Three main categories will be used to judge the competition:

          Entertainment value - How much of the video was interesting?

          Educational value - How much could I learn from this?

          Quality - How the video was presented and how well it was                written.

Terms and Agreements

By submitting a video you are agreeing to:​

1. You own the rights to the video

2. You give SABA the rights to post the video on their channel in videos regarding this event

Submit Your Video

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